Job Opportunities

The demand for our services is greater than ever. So is our resolve to do whatever it takes to help our neighbors rise out of poverty. That is why we are hiring for several new positions - and adding additional people to departments where we have traditionally had only one or two people.

Think of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Dedicated, mission-focused individuals who were out to change what needed to be changed. Those are the types of people we seek to hire here. A Wider Circle receives more than 450 telephone calls per day, many from people in dire need of help; others from people who want to engage at some level in the solution. Our team grows significantly each year in response to these needs and the calls for support.

Those we serve need one thing: a commitment to creating the type of change that will give all children a chance to succeed and all adults the opportunity to live well. Part-time opportunities for many are also available.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Mark Bergel at These positions were last updated on June 7, 2014.

Program Coordinator,
In-Kind Donations






Yours will be the first voice many people hear when calling to be part of the solution to poverty. You will serve as the main liaison with the community in securing basic need items for families living in deep poverty. Excellent communication skills and confidence working with individuals and businesses are key. You will help manage a large call volume of donors, as well as build partnerships with businesses - large and small - that can provide basic need items to our families.

Exceptional interpersonal skills, a mature perspective on service, and a positive energy in building awareness and support are important traits to have for this position. It will also help to be comfortable with basic computer programs - nothing too fancy.

We are looking for folks who will advocate for families in need and be resourceful and creative so that every caller feels connected to the work of A Wider Circle.

Administrative Director





Do you have experience managing or helping to manage an office? Have you ever helped in contract management?

This position is for an individual with excellent administrative, organizational, and communication skills. Attention to detail, especially with respect to data input and management, is also a key aspect of the work.

Responsibilities of the Administrative Director also include phone communications, office management, and myriad daily projects. The position is a critical one to the daily work of the organization and is ideal for a mature and organized individual.

Facilities Coordinator






Help ensure smooth day-to-day operations at A Wider Circle, overseeing the dispatch and logistics of all trucks, managing personnel, and ensuring that facilities are maintained at a high level at all times.

There is a great deal of activity each day at A Wider Circle, and this position is for an individual with great attention to detail, a high level of professionalism, and the ability to put team first in an egoless manner. The position is also a physical one, with strenuous work a part of each day. Experience with or an ability to quickly learn about proper truck and warehouse maintenance is also important.

The position is ideal for an individual who has skills, experience, and, most importantly, the desire to be part of the movement to end poverty.

Executive Assistant






The Executive Assistant will provide support to the many areas of focus of the Executive Director. The position is a critical one to the overall management of the organization, and is ideal for a mature and highly professional individual.

The work of A Wider Circle grows every day, and this position is ideal for an individual who has the desire to be part of a committed effort to help our neighbors in need.

Excellent organizational, writing, and communication skills are key ingredients of the position.

For this position, please send your cover letter and resume to Dr. Mark Bergel at

Community Outreach Coordinator







This is a unique position, combining traditional outreach efforts in the community with physical work and direct donor interactions.  The Community Outreach Coordinators at A Wider Circle are the real foot soldiers in the movement to end poverty.  You will work both with people in dire need and with people who are supporting the effort in myriad ways.

We are looking for articulate, committed, strong, and compassionate individuals who can speak well about the issues we are addressing and also handle the physical work.  These positions tend to be one-year positions - a perfect way to spend a year of service.  At the end of the year, continuing or even being promoted to other positions within A Wider Circle is also possible.

There is a preference for folks who can either drive a box truck (it is much like a standard Uhaul) or who are willing to learn - and who can handle a physical workday with positive energy and the ability to inspire others to engage in the movement to end poverty.

Administrative Specialist




Excellent administrative, organizational, and communication skills are essential elements of this position. You will help manage the offices (including phone support), assist with data management, and support the general operational and management efforts on a daily basis. Attention to detail, especially with respect to data input, is a key aspect of the work.

The position is a critical one to the daily work of the organization and is ideal for a mature, optimistic, and energetic individual.

Education Coordinator











As one of the three main areas of focus of A Wider Circle, we are once again expanding all of our adult education efforts. Onsite programming, off-site and in-the-community programming, and overseeing local and national educational newsletters are all part of our increased focus on education. While some of our education efforts focus on youth, the majority currently focus on adult education, job preparedness, and helping individuals gain independence as the key to rising out of poverty.

The Education Coordinator position is ideally suited for an individual with professional experience and with excellent writing and presentation skills. More than any other job requirement, the position is for a person with a deep passion for helping those in need and a refined skill set relative to education programming.

Specific areas of work include:

- Expanding upon and overseeing a dynamic Adult Education Program, featuring cutting-edge health and wellness classes and programs to aid with professional development and life skills.

- Expanding upon and overseeing the Wellness Center at A Wider Circle's Center for Community Service, to include creating a large and interactive display and placing for distribution a variety of materials to aid those who come to us for help in obtaining their basic need items.

- Managing a team of interns and volunteers in the delivery of all programs.

Development Associate





The Development Associate will play a key role in the growth of the organization, taking a lead, specifically, in the following areas of A Wider Circle's work: grant writing, corporate partnerships, and presentations far and wide.

A Wider Circle receives funding from a wide range of sources (e.g., individuals, foundations, corporations, local government, events), and the Development Associate will engage in each area to propel the movement.

We are looking for an individual who brings excellent writing and communication skills, along with a strong desire to commit to the effort to end poverty.

Marketing Coordinator








It is time for even more creativity and outreach! The work of A Wider Circle continues to grow significantly, and we are looking for an individual who can bring a high level of professionalism and energy to the effort. Our plans for 2014 include a much greater expansion of services and communication of the issues and solutions to poverty, and the Marketing Coordinator will be central to the effort.

Responsibilities of the position include building relationships with businesses and groups of all types, overseeing special events, helping with grant writing efforts (foundation, government, and corporate), and crafting and promoting a cohesive message for the movement to end poverty. This last area includes social media, PR, and press release efforts.

On a daily or weekly basis, the Marketing Coordinator will also give presentations to audiences of all ages and sizes. Thus, strong writing and communication skills are required, in addition to a deeply-felt commitment to ending poverty for those mired in it.

Management Associate






The Management Associate will work directly with the Executive Director of A Wider Circle and other management personnel to help propel the work of the organization. The position is for an individual with a strong desire to be part of the effort to end poverty for our neighbors in need.

Areas of responsibility include management, strategic planning, administration, marketing, and assistance with the myriad special events we have each year.

Excellent organizational skills, writing, and communication skills are key ingredients of the job. The Management Associate position is a vital one to the overall management of the organization and is ideal for a mature, purposeful, optimistic, and energetic individual.

Client Relations Coordinator







Ask any current member of the Client Relations team what qualities someone ought to possess who is interested in joining them and he or she will say without hesitation, "A person who is deeply compassionate and really hardy."

A Wider Circle receives 400 telephone calls per day, many of which come from people in dire need of help, and Client Relations team members oversee a comprehensive effort to help children and adults lift themselves out of poverty. You will engage in appointment scheduling, helping families obtain their basic need items, and supervising the home visits of all staff.

Strong and positive communication and managerial skills are keys to the position, as you will manage and work alongside many staff, interns, and volunteers.

The ability to speak Spanish is helpful (but not required), as is experience in working with vulnerable populations. The most important requirement is the desire to be part of a committed effort that ensures everyone who comes into our midst receives compassionate support.















A Wider Circle has the following fellowship positions available for a year-long position with a $1,300/month stipend, plus health benefits and professional development opportunities.  Fellows will work full-time, five days/week.

Community Engagement Fellow:  The Community Engagement Fellow will communicate to the public the myriad opportunities to engage in the effort to end poverty. You will build relationships and give presentations in the community and assist in overseeing group activities at the Center.

Client Relations Fellow:  The Client Relations Fellow works closely on a daily basis with all those who come to A Wider Circle for assistance. You will assist the professional staff in all aspects of client relations work, from initial phone calls to appointments and subsequent follow-up. It is a direct-service, hands-on fellowship.

Marketing Fellow: The Marketing Fellow will assist in the development of all marketing and outreach materials and go into the community to make presentations and increase awareness.  S/he will also help manage volunteers and coordinate fundraising events, assist in grant research and writing, and bring a great deal of energy and creativity to the movement to end poverty.

IT Fellow: The Wider Circle IT fellow will help maintain the A Wider Circle website, learn about and help manage the network, and help oversee and trouble-shoot a searchable database.  The fellow will also oversee the technical aspects of A Wider Circle’s social networking (e.g., Twitter, Facebook).

Management Fellow: A Wider Circle’s management fellow will assist in the recruitment, management, and evaluation of staff, interns, and volunteers.  S/he will also assist in the strategic planning of the organization and help with specific program areas and day-to-day managerial duties.